How is Country Fresh Bread Made?

Ingredients preparation

We use only top-quality premium flour in the preparation of all our bread dough. The same is true for all the other ingredients in our unique recipe. These ingredients are prepared in the utmost hygienic conditions under the watchful eyes of our master bakers.

Dough processing

Instead of the commonly available industrial process, in Country Fresh, we prefer the long rise method with a very small share of yeast which takes more processing time and allows for the gluten in the dough to breakdown even more. But, it is worth the wait. This fermentation method gives us excellent bread with a fine, flavour-ful taste and ensures easy digestion. Subsequently, the dough is divided into smaller parts, depending on the type of bread, and then it is professionally formed by our experienced skilled bakers. Every bread goes several times through their diligent hands and thanks to that magic touch, it becomes a real little master-piece of baker’s trade.


Finally, when the formed and risen bread is ready for baking, it is baked in our ultra-modern oven to a healthy, golden-brown finish. After this, our bread is delivered fresh, everyday to our customers.